By Mark Kenyon

Today on Wired To Hunt Weekly we’re sharing three quick and easy tips for how you can use a handsaw today, to kill more deer this fall.

Success in the whitetail woods is all about preparation and now is the time to do it. Today in this video, the message I want to get through is that no matter what limitations you have, even if you don’t have equipment like a chainsaw, you can make a positive difference on the properties you hunt.

That said, check out this quick video and then grab your handsaw. It’s time to do the work!

(Note: If you’re going to be doing a bunch of work like this with a handsaw, I’d definitely recommend using as quality of a tool as you can. For me, you can’t beat the Wicked Tough Hand Saw from Wicked Tree Gear. If you’re interested in reading more about this saw, check out our review OR if you’d like to order one online head to