In Episode #8 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re talking treestands. Treestand strategy, treestand placement, treestand set-up, favorite treestand models and much, much more. Settle in and enjoy, cause we’re discussing everything you need to know to get your treestands set up for the 2014 hunting season in the right places and in the right way.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The importance of timing the locations of your treestands for certain times of the hunting season

– How to use trail cameras to help you understand when and where to move treestands

– The importance of sometimes listening to your gut when it comes to changing stand locations

– Advice on optimal height for treestands, and tips on picking the right tree

– How to position your stand in the tree to provide as much cover as possible, while still offering good shot opportunities

– Tips for proper stand location during the rut

– How to create cover in a tree if there isn’t enough natural cover to conceal your silhouette

– Insight into what treestands we use, what stands we like the most and why

– Advice for run-and-gun treestand set-ups and hunting strategies

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– If you’re interested in more tips on treestand placement, checkout our quick “Wired To Hunt Weekly #8” video 

– Another good resource for treestand hanging strategies is a book written by Steve Bartylla – “Advanced Stand-Hunting Strategies”

– If you’re looking to buy a bargain hang-on stand, the best one I’ve personally found so far is the “ComfortZone”, here’s my full review

– Check out this article for info on how you can create cover in the tree to help conceal you – Use Zip Ties To Kill Monster Bucks

– If you’d like to check out Dan’s new blog, visit

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