By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks!

For those who missed the podcast this week, my trip down to Ohio last weekend was a great success. We got a new stand hung, a trail camera set up, and did a bunch of scouting. On top of all that, my buddy and I both killed turkeys on the first morning! Not a bad way to spend a weekend, if I do say so myself.

This weekend the whitetail prep continues, as I’m brush hogging an area for a new food plot and doing some other work on a few properties. Needless to say, we’re getting into the crunch-time of summer! Lots to do, and increasingly less time to do it.

That said, I hope you’re able to get out there this weekend and get working. But if not, or in the meantime, we’ve got plenty of whitetail reading to keep you busy. Read on for some great whitetail blog posts from across the web. Have a great weekend and stay wired to hunt!

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