By Mark Kenyon

I’m going to make it official. The second decade of the new millennium is certifiably the decade of online hunting videos.

Since 2010, hunting videos and TV shows have sprouted up online like weeds and I don’t think this trend is going to change anytime soon. If anything I think things are only going to continue this way moving forward, with more shows moving online and the quality and production value increasing exponentially.

With that said, today I wanted to share with you what I believe are the top YouTube channels for deer hunters (in no particular order). There are plenty of great online hunting videos hosted on other sites, but I love YouTube channels because of the ability to subscribe for updates on new videos, the ease of finding new content, and the ability to easily share, comment and discuss the videos. In my opinion, listed below are the channels most consistently bringing high quality deer hunting content to YouTube. So check these channels out, give us your feedback on who else you believe should be on the list, and enjoy!

Wired To Hunt: Shameless plug here. Of course I’m a little biased, but I believe we’re putting together some pretty solid deer hunting videos over on our YouTube channel. We’ve been hard at work producing new videos consistently throughout the year and the feedback we’ve been getting has been very positive. Each hunting season for the past three years we’ve launched a series of 15-30 minute episodes throughout the fall, highlighting our journey through the hunting season and all the ups and downs along the way. A highlight last year was our season finale (Episode 7: Six Shooter) in which I documented my three year hunt for a 5.5 year old Michigan buck, which one commenter described by saying “Your best work yet. This is how the hunt should be portrayed; all mixed up with life. I love the way you respect the animal. The predator/prey relationship is symbiotic. It’s an ancient dance. It’s a love. This was the buck you were meant to take this year. Congratulations and thanks for bringing me along on your journey.”

Additionally, we also are now producing a weekly short video series in which I share a few quick tips or thoughts on something relevant to deer hunting at this time of year. We’d love it if you’d check out the channel, be sure to subscribe so you’ll get updates on new vids, and finally, please let us know if you have any feedback! of course has an incredibly popular website and forum for hunters, but their online web series has been tremendously successful as well. Throughout the hunting season Todd, Justin and their team document their hunts and share them weekly. Additionally this channel has lots of great product related videos and updates from conventions like the ATA show.

GrowingDeer.TV: Dr. Grant Woods, a well respected wildlife biologist and consultant, launched his online hunting show several years ago on his site GrowingDeer.TV, but he made the smart decision of also offering it on YouTube. You can now follow along on the Growing Deer TV YouTube channel throughout the year as Dr Grant Woods hunts and manages his property for whitetails and other wildlife. Definitely one of the most educational hunting shows online.

Realtree Outdoors: The folks at Realtree are consistently updating their YouTube channel with great hunting videos, clips from their various shows/DVDs, updates from hunting conventions and other how-to hunting vids. Personal favorites of mine are the “Antler Geeks” videos from a couple of my pals Tony Hansen and Tyler Ridenour, as they document their team’s whitetail hunting adventures on public and heavily pressured properties across the country.

Steven Rinella – MeatEater: While not just whitetail focused, Steven Rinella is one of the top minds in the hunting world today and most anything he produces is pure gold. His YouTube channel is packed with interesting clips from his hunts across the country, some helpful how-to videos, and great recipe videos to boot!

The Management Advantage: The team at TMA produces a great web video series documenting their efforts to manage their properties for whitetails and other wildlife. Great info, high production value, and interesting stories.

OutdoorHub Hunting: The Outdoor Hub YouTube channel features a lot of new content, mostly consisting of short clips or excerpts from popular hunting shows. If you’re looking for a quick whitetail fix, you’ll have plenty of options here.

Drury Outdoors: Although I wish there was more frequent content produced for their YouTube channel, the Drury’s have a large archive of high quality whitetail videos for you to peruse. Everything from archery tips, to full episodes of past shows, and quick video highlights of big bucks taken in the past. This YouTube channel is always good for a quick dose of big bucks.

Deer & Deer Hunting: Deer & Deer Hunting occasionally shares excerpts from their popular TV show on their YouTube channel, but their most recent and consistent content has come in the form of their “Deer Talk Now” show, in which the two hosts discuss various deer hunting related topics with occasional guests. Pretty good information to be had here.

Right there you’ve got eight great deer hunting YouTube channels, which I’ve been following for some time and have personally enjoyed. That said, I know there are  many other deer hunting related channels out there on YouTube worth checking out.

To come up with the final channels for our Top 10 list, I want your input.

What other channels would you recommend as top deer hunting options on YouTube? Let us know in the comments who you think should be added to the list, and if any of the suggestions are mentioned enough times, we’ll add them to the official list!