In Episode #11 of the Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re diving deep into the topic of food plots and joining us is the 2004 QDMA Deer Manager of the Year, a wildlife habitat consultant and author of the new book Food Plot Success By Design, this is Jeff Sturgis.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– How and why Jeff Sturgis looks at food plot location and design so strategically

– How Jeff makes sure that all habitat improvements on his properties relate to each other

– What the “attract and repel” risk of food plotting is, and why you want to make sure you don’t do it

– Our favorite cold beverages to enjoy after a long day of work

– How you can use food plots to direct and influence how deer travel through your property

– What a beginner food plotter should think through before trying to plant a plot

– Tips for establishing food plots in poor soil conditions

– Some very interesting ideas for how you might be able to establish food plots, even if you don’t own land

– What you can achieve with food plots, beyond just improving nutrition available and attracting deer for hunting

– How to set up tree stands in relation to food plots

– Helpful tips for hunting public land

– Why “consistent diversity” is important when choosing what to plant in your food plots

– And much, much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– To learn more about Jeff Sturgis, his consulting business or his new book “Food Plot Success By Design” visit

– If you’re still not convinced about the incredible wealth of knowledge Jeff Sturgis has to offer, here’s a link to my full review of his new book

– Here’s a link to the other food plotting book Jeff mentioned, “Ultimate Deer Food Plots” by Ed Spinazzola.

– Another great food plotting resource is “Quality Food Plots” published by the QDMA

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