By Mark Kenyon

Last year myself and the Wired To Hunt Team headed out in the woods, video cameras in tow, as we chased mature whitetails across the Midwest. Over the course of 2013 we found huge sheds, sweated gallons while scouting and hanging stands, planted food plots, and chased bucks across Ohio, Michigan, and Iowa. In the end we had some incredible encounters, some exhilarating highs and soul crushing lows. It was exactly what we’ve come to expect from a deer season for the whitetail addict.

Over the course of last year, we produced online video episodes documenting our season as it went, but now you can watch the entire season in one place at one time. If you missed some or all of the episodes from last year, now’s the time to catch up and scratch that big buck itch that’s been bothering you. Below you’ll find a playlist including all seven high definition episodes from Wired To Hunt last year, documenting the highs and lows of being a whitetail addict! Enjoy!

Still not convinced it’s worth your time? Check out a few comments from past viewers of our episodes:

Your video and the story it told was worth more than any video I’ve seen with kill shot after kill shot.  Well done! And good job

“Simply suberb storytelling! I loved how you flashed back providing context and interweaving the various storylines. The editing, as always, was professional grade. Awesome job capturing the nuances of the hunt …This season’s episodes are crafted in such a way as to capture the true essence of the hunt in a holistic panorama of beauty and the passion to hunt. Wired to Hunt, your passion is infectious.”

“I have to agree on what everyone else is saying. The quality of the video, audio, editing… it’s simply great. A golden standard for other hunting videos. “