By Mark Kenyon

This past winter I got to thinking that there had to be other whitetail addicts out there like me, who wanted to get their whitetail fix on-the-go while they were driving, biking, or handling busy work. In those kinds of situations you can’t read a magazine and you can’t watch a show, but you can listen. Unfortunately, at that point there wasn’t a whole lot of hardcore deer hunting content available in an audio format.

I decided we needed to change that, so I dug into some research, bought a fancy schmancy microphone and got to work. Fast forward to April and I launched The Wired To Hunt Podcast, the online audio home for whitetails addicts in the form of a weekly online radio show featuring deer hunting news, stories and strategies. Since then it’s been a whirlwind. The podcast has been listened to by thousands of people, and the positive feedback has been pouring in. We’ve gotten some great reviews on iTunes, and below I’ve copied just a few of the comments we’ve gotten so far:

“The podcast is informative, engaging, and most importantly, FUN! Excellent podcast, I’m looking forward to many, many more.”

“A must subscribe for the serious deer hunter! Top notch!”

“I have learned something every time I’ve listened to one of the podcasts. I hope this one is around for a long time.”

What’s To Come

On top of the many comments like this, we’ve gotten one overwhelming request – you want more! That said, we’ve got plenty more episodes to come and lots of big things in store for The Wired To Hunt Podcast moving forward.

First off, we’ve got some awesome guests lined up for the coming months. The list of tentative future guests include the likes of Mark & Terry Drury, Donnie Vincent, Steven Rinella, Bill Winke, Jim Shockey and more! Speaking of great guests, if you’ve got an idea for someone you think would be a good guest for the show, shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to get them on.

In addition to our episodes featuring guests, we’ll also continue to have episodes featuring more casual (occasionally odd) conversations between my co-host Dan Johnson and I as we discuss our own opinions and ideas on various whitetail hunting topics. I’m particularly looking forward to our episodes we’ll be recording during the hunting season, as we’ll be sharing how our 2014 season is going, our successes and failures along the way, and weekly updates on current conditions and deer behavior.

All that said, I just want thank all of you that have listened to the podcast so far. It’s been a blast working on it and I can’t wait to see where we can take things over the course of the rest of this year. Speaking of future episodes, we’ll have new shows available starting next week, but in the meantime, if you’ve missed any episodes, we’ve included a listing of all the shows we’ve produced so far. If you have time, take a listen and get caught up!

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The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #3: Scouting and Hunting Heavily Pressured Whitetails w/Dan Infalt

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #4: Whitetail Spring Cleaning

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #5: Whitetail Lessons Learned From Turkey Hunting

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #6: Planning DIY Whitetail Trips w/Bernie Barringer

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #7: How Lee & Tiffany Lakosky Would Hunt If They Weren’t “Lee & Tiffany”

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #8: Advanced Treestand Set-Up Tips and Tactics

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #9: “Ground To Gun” Hunting with Craig Dougherty

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #10: Preseason Trail Camera Strategies for Mature Whitetails

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #11: Food Plot Success By Design w/Jeff Sturgis

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #12: The Life Of A Whitetail Bum

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #13: Behind The Scenes Of Drury Outdoors w/Matt Drury

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #14: Gaining Hunting Permission On Private Land

The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #15: Breaking Down The Hunt For Mature Bucks W/Jeff Danker