Today on the Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re discussing one of the most important aspects of hunting mature whitetails, and that is scouting. Specifically, we’re discussing summer scouting. On the show we discuss why we scout in the summer, how we scout, and specific tips for using trail cameras, long distance glassing and on-the-ground scouting trips to become a more successful hunter. This episode is packed with great tips and some fun stories, so tune in and enjoy.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Why summer scouting is important and what goals can be achieved with this kind of scouting

– How trail cameras, long-distance scouting, and on-the-ground scouting can help you learn crucial information before the season

– How to use trail cameras in the summer to get the most data, while causing the least harm to your chances for success

– What to do if you’re not getting big bucks on your trail cameras this summer

– Insight into mature buck home and core ranges, and new research into why most bucks occasionally go on “excursions” outside of those ranges

– How Adam Hays used summer scouting techniques to kill three 200″ bucks

– How spotlighting, if legal in your state, is a great option for summer scouting

– Tips for making the most of roadside long distance scouting trips

– Thoughts on how best to conduct last minute on-the-ground scouting trips

– And much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– While discussing trail cameras, I mentioned an article about what to do if you’re not getting big bucks on your trail cameras – here’s a link to that article –> What Should You Do If You’re Getting No Big Bucks On Trail Camera?

– Here’s a link to a story on Adam Hays and how he used summer scouting to kill three 200″ bucks

– Regarding on-the-ground scouting, here’s an article written by Chris Eberhart on his late summer scouting tactics

– Be sure to follow along as Dan scouts his Iowa properties, as he’ll be posting trail camera updates on his blog

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