By Mark Kenyon

I can’t say it’s true for everyone, but behind this hunter, there most certainly is a great and very understanding wife. Take for example my Wednesday afternoon. My wife came to me the day before and said she had an idea. How about tomorrow night we pack a picnic dinner, drive down to Indiana, eat and then knock on doors for hunting permission and glass crop fields for bucks. Whoah. I was blown away! They don’t come any better than this!

Of course, I didn’t take more than a half second to tell my wife that yes, that sounds amazing. And so on Wednesday evening we packed the truck and headed down to the Hoosier State. Our picnic dinner was great and my door knocking resulted in tentative permission on some Indiana hunting ground as well. Overall, a terrific way to spend an evening with the wife AND get some whitetail work done.

I hope you’re hard at it on whitetail projects right now too, because things are ramping up. That said, below I’ve compiled a list of some of the best whitetail articles from across the web, some of which should help you with your summer projects. Read on, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Hang Your Rut Stands Now, Part I – Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul shares why he believes now is a great time to be in the woods hanging your stands for the rut.

Study: One Sit in the Deer Woods Equals Three Days of Pressure for Mature Bucks – Big Buck Zone: Some interesting insight into recent research showing how bucks react to hunting pressure and how long those effects last.

Venison Burgers – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Hank Shaw is one of the best wild game chefs in the world, and in this article/recipe he gives his take on the classic venison burger.

The Realistic Practice Routine – Tips for archery practice in situations that are realistic when compared to real hunting conditions.

Steve Richardson Buck: 183-Inch Hoosier Bruiser – North American Whitetail: Your big buck porn for the day, check out this Indiana bruiser.

The Single Most Important Item That Will Increase Hunting Success: Aerial Image – Winchester World of Whitetail: A solid video from the guys at Whitetail Properties explaining how they use aerial imagery to scout properties

Video: New Study Sheds Light on What Deer See – Big Buck Zone: Some very interesting insight into how deer see and what that means for hunters

The Most Important Tool for a Wild Game Cook – The Wild Chef: If you’re cooking venison, you need this tool. Here’s why…