By Mark Kenyon

49 days until I’m in a deer stand. Please give me a moment to collect myself, I literally had chills go down my spine just from typing that.

But seriously, just 49 days! That time is going to fly by and before you know it, the marathon of the deer season will be upon us. I can’t wait. That said, as is usually the case every week, new deer projects have been on my to-do list. Most recently I’ve been putting together my new climbing treestand, scouting new pieces of public land, and spending way too many late-night hours pouring over aerial and topo maps of potential hunting spots.

I imagine you’re busy at whitetail work too, so I must apologize for adding another time-suck to your day. But once you go through the long list of great deer and hunting related articles below, I know you’ll see that there is a lot of content worth checking out. Yes, these articles and videos will keep you from your chores, your job and a few other things – but just remember, there’s only 49 more days … or 53 or 38. Whatever it is in your state, deer season is right around the corner. So get reading, get working and get ready!

Hang Rut Stands Now, Part II – Whitetail 365: A few thoughts from Scott Bestul on his plans for setting a few stands now that he’ll be using during the rut.

Q&A: What’s Next for the National Deer Alliance? – Big Buck Zone: More insight into the exciting new deer conservation organization, the National Deer Alliance. If you’re not a member yet – what are you waiting for? Visit to join

4 Requirements for Incredibly Accurate Broadhead Flight – Sole Adventure: A very comprehensive article and resource aimed at helping you become a more accurate bow shooter. A great read!

Tag Out Early This Fall: 3 Tips to Deer Hunting Soft Mast – Deer & Deer Hunting: A few tips for keying in on soft mass to kill an early season buck.

Why The Sportsmen’s Act Died (And Why Hunters and Anglers Share The Blame) – Open Country: Some thoughts on why the Sportsmen’s Act failed to pass and why we all share the blame.

Trophy Talk – Antler Geeks: This article explores the risks of using the word “trophy” too often when talking about deer, and I fully agree with the author’s thoughts.

Center Shots: How-to Diagnose & Solve Low Liver Hits – A great video from Bill Winke explaining how to deal with a low liver hit on a deer.

Hunting Bachelor Groups of Bucks – Some solid advice on targeting early season bucks in September when they’re still traveling in bachelor groups.

Quality Deer Management – What’s It All About – Winchester World of Whitetail: A really helpful video about starting QDM co-ops to get groups of fellow hunters to join together to improve overall hunting and herd quality.

How to Quickly Evaluate Public Hunting Land – OutdoorHub: Great tips on scouting public land from Mr. DIY Whitetail himself, Bernie Barringer

The Unintended Political Lesson of the Sage Grouse – The Conservationist: Bob Marshall reminds us all to ignore the political rhetoric and name-calling when it comes to supporting legislation that will protect clean air, water and the environment. These aren’t liberal or environmental extremist issues – these are sportsmen issues.