By Mark Kenyon

He’s back.

Six Shooter, the buck I’ve hunted the past three years and finally killed, is now back home and on the wall. And now every time I walk to my office, my eyes are drawn to that place on the wall where he now resides. I’m reminded now of a line I wrote in my short book about this hunt, “Moments With Six Shooter“, when I imagined what it would be like when Six Shooter finally found his final resting place in my home.

Each time I gaze upon him, I will rediscover the twinge of pain or the thrill of hope that I once lived many years before. The whip of the wind on that dreary November evening. The rain soaked chill on that Halloween night. The frozen December afternoon, and all those immortal, life changing moments in between. When I walk into the room these antlers watch over, I’ll again remember the beauty of creation and the impact it can have on a life. These antlers will hang on my wall, and they will forever speak to me, awaken me, and remind me.

How true those words have proven to be. Every time I step into that room, memories wash over me like an ocean surf. But while these memories certainly bring me back, they also will give me hope for the future. And isn’t that what’s so beautiful about this time of year? With deer season only weeks away, we are filled with hope, anticipation and wonder. What might this season hold?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I can’t wait to find out.

In the meantime though, as we do every week, we’ve curated a number of great whitetail blogposts from across the web to help you scratch that deer hunting itch and to help you prepare for the 2014 season. Read on, enjoy and stay wired to hunt!

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Wisconsin DNR Launches Statewide Trail Camera Survey – Here’s the scoop on a really neat new initiative being put on by the Wisconsin DNR to engage citizens to help better understand deer populations through a statewide trail camera survey.

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