By Mark Kenyon

“If it weren’t for deer, everything we know about wildlife management would fall apart tomorrow, not next week, not next month, literally tomorrow.” – Kip Adams

I’d like to expand on Kip’s above quote. If it weren’t for deer, everything I know about my life, would fall apart tomorrow.

Deer and deer hunting run thick through my blood. They are at the core of who I am. Without deer, what would I do? Where would I go? Who would I be? I don’t want to ever have to answer those questions.

For those reasons, when the National Deer Alliance was announced last month, I knew this was an organization that I needed get behind. With a mission so core to my own values (that being to ensure the future of North America’s wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting heritage), I knew I had to get involved. And so I did.

Step 1 was to join the National Deer Alliance as a member. And so I headed over to, filled out the quick form and became a member (which BTW is free to do). With this simple act, I now was connected to thousands of other whitetail hunters, and was part of a digital network that could inform me of current deer issues, provide me resources for getting involved with deer/hunting related events or issues across the country, and also allows me to share my opinion on various topics impacting deer hunting that the NDA can aggregate to help make decisions related to advocacy efforts.

Step 2 is what I’m most excited to announce today. Not only am I joining the NDA as a member, I am now officially joining the National Deer Alliance as a staff member. As of this month, I am now the Director of Digital Content for the National Deer Alliance.

So what exactly does that mean? In short, I’ll be advising the National Deer Alliance on all things digital and helping manage a number of their digital programs, social media efforts and website development/content. Said another way, I’ll be doing everything I can from a digital perspective to help advance the mission of the National Deer Alliance and all things pro-deer and deer hunting.

Since going full-time with Wired To Hunt last fall, I’ve had my hands full managing the website and writing for other outdoor publications, but when the NDA team came to me regarding this position, I knew I had to hear them out.

I am deeply passionate about conservation and deer, and the National Deer Alliance is one of the first true attempts at forming a universal conservation and advocacy group for them. This is a huge opportunity for deer and deer hunters, and we need to make it work. With this position I knew I’d have a unique opportunity to help make a large-scale positive difference for deer hunters and wildlife. I couldn’t say no to that.

That said, don’t worry about any changes here at Wired To Hunt. Life will continue as normal, and Wired To Hunt is still my full-time, top responsibility. But since I quit my day-job last October, my wife has has noticed a dramatic increase in me spending time around the house. Needless to say, when she heard about this new opportunity, she immediately encouraged me to take it and start working more nights again!

Will You Join Me?

All of this being said, I’m excited to be taking a big new step in protecting and preserving deer and deer hunting for future generations. While the National Deer Alliance is still just getting the ball rolling, there are big things in the future, and I’m thrilled to be able to help make the NDA’s mission a reality. But now I’d like to call on you to join me.

The National Deer Alliance can truly be the first large-scale conservation group that works on behalf of all deer and deer hunters, influencing deer related decisions being made in wildlife agencies, government offices and congress. But for the NDA to have any real impact, it needs members. It needs you and me to be apart of the community, to share our opinions, to make our voices heard and to work on behalf of deer and deer hunters.

Will you join me in this mission by becoming a member of the National Deer Alliance?


Join Now

If you’d like to join the National Deer Alliance, visit and click the “Join The Alliance” button at the top of the page. And if you’d like more information about the NDA, visit some of the links below.

The National Deer Alliance represents a huge opportunity for the deer hunting community and conservation in North America. We can’t let it pass us by.

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