Today on The Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re joined by Terry Drury of Drury Outdoors and with the opener of deer season only days or weeks away, we’re talking about early season hunting strategies. Terry lays down some awesome advice in this show, so get ready to take notes and enjoy!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The story of how Terry and Mark Drury started filming and producing DVDs and TV shows

– Insight into why the Drury Outdoors DVDs/shows only ever show Terry’s misses and bad shots and not Mark’s

– A rundown of the final pieces of preparation that Terry is taking care of in the final weeks before the deer season opener

– A preview of what Terry’s 2014 hit-list looks like

– An update from Terry on the status of the deer herd’s recovery from EHD in the Midwest

– Terry’s thoughts on the benefits of hunting the early season

– Strategies for hunting those first few days of the season if you’ve got a “daylight walker” on trail camera

– Terry’s thoughts on how wind, temperature, moon phase and changing pressure all impact deer movement and your hunting strategy (TONS of great stuff here)

– Insight into Terry’s thoughts on hunting mornings during early season and what timeframes are best to hunt during the rest of the season

– How Terry is using trail cameras during the early season

– Terry’s opinion on how he believes the moon impacts the timing of the whitetail rut

– A thorough rundown of the Drury’s scent control regimen and how it plays into early season success

– Insight into how Terry plays the wind

– And much more!

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– If you have the Outdoor Channel, check out the Drury’s newest show – Thirteen

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