By Mark Kenyon

13: days until my first hunt of the year (elk)

28: days until my first whitetail hunt of the year

13,280,000: times I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, between now and those hunts, in a cold sweat after dreaming about monster bucks and bulls

I’ve got the fever. Bad. And there’s only one way to cure it. You know. I know. Just 13 more days.

If you’re in the same boat as me, I hope that our Friday Morning Mashup can at least alleviate a little bit of your anxiety as we wait out these last few days before the season. Below we’ve compiled some of the best hunting related articles from across the web. So read on, enjoy and have a great weekend!

How to Hunt Monster Midwestern Bucks on Public Land – Big Buck Zone: Some solid tips for public land hunting.

The Hit List – Part 1 – The Nine Finger Chronicles: My W2H Podcast co-host shows off his latest additions to the 2014 hit-list, check out Part 2 as well

We’re Still Losing Our Land – The Conservationist: An alarm call regarding the tremendous rate at which we’re losing wild habitats

Annual Reminder: Donate Some of Your Venison – The Wild Chef: A great reminder regarding donating venison and some resources regarding where and how you can make these donations

10 Reasons Why Your Deer Season is About to Suck – Some great tips to help make sure your deer season doesn’t suck

The Anatomy of a Perfect Whitetail Food Plot – North American Whitetail: Some basic but important tips to make sure you’ve got a quality food plot in the works

Cooking Deer Meat: My Favorite Marinade Recipe For Venison – Growing Deer TV: Dr. Grant Woods’ wife shares her favorite venison marinade recipe – looks tasty!