Today on The Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re joined by Steve Bartylla, accomplished outdoor writer and veteran deer hunter, and we’re diving into the details of patterning mature bucks. Steve delivers an absolute boatload of whitetail wisdom in this episode, so settle in, and enjoy!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

 – Insight into what exactly Steve Bartylla does for a living in the hunting industry and why he has 150 treestands to hang in the next month

– What Steve believes that “patterning a buck” actually means in the real world

– Insight into the realities of how and to what degree you can “pattern” a buck

– What “stands out like a turd in a punch bowl” means, lol

– The “secret” to hunting heavily pressured deer

– How to hypothesize about a buck’s behavior and travel patterns based on trail camera pictures

– Steve’s trick for using deer tracks to help pattern specific deer

– Insight into what tools or information you can use to pattern bucks

– Great information about likely buck bedding areas

– How Steve specifically places and uses trail cameras to try and pattern deer

– Steve’s thoughts on if trail cameras spook bucks

– Opinions on the October Lull and what you can do to pattern and hunt bucks at this time

– Thoughts on how, if at all, you can use sign like scrapes or rubs to pattern bucks

– The biggest mistake hunters make when trying to pattern deer

– And much, much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– Steve’s in the process of getting a new website up and going, but in the meantime you can get more info from him via his current site at

– If you’d like to read some of Steve Bartylla’s past articles, here’s a link to a large number of those he’s written for North American Whitetail

– In the episode Steve spoke in detail about looking for buck bedding areas, if you’re more interested in this topic check out my recent video about tips for identifying buck beds

– If you haven’t yet, head to our podcast page to listen to our other episodes

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