By Mark Kenyon

The stands are all hung. Lanes are all cut. Cameras are all set. Plots are all in. It’s game time.

My preparation for the 2014 season is completed and now it’s just a waiting game, counting down the days til the opener. If you’re in a similar situation, we’ve got just what you need to get you through the remaining days until the season. The great hunting related blog posts below! Check out these terrific reads, enjoy your weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

Three Killer Stand Locations for November – Big Buck Zone: This post features three great rut set-ups, shows what they look like on the map and then details why these spots should be killer in November.

Trail Cameras: The One Mistake Hunters Make Most – Winchester World of Whitetail: A quick video from the Whitetail Properties team detailing the importance of being careful with checking trail cameras

20 Best Whitetail States for 2014 – North American Whitetail: My most recent article for North American Whitetail is a ranking of the top whitetail states for 2014. Of course this is subjective in some sense, as there is no way to perfectly rank deer hunting states. But I did pull a ton of data to help understand how each state ranked in both deer quality related criteria and cost related criteria. Check it out, but don’t be pissed at me if your state isn’t ranked where you want it! haha

A Threat to Sportsmen, and Now, a Threat to a Way of Life – The Conservationist: A great reminder from Hal Herring regarding the importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Get Out There, Stay Out There – A recent guest post I wrote for, which is part of an AWESOME series Aaron is putting together on “Everything Your Grandpa Should’ve Told You About Hunting”. If you haven’t been following yet, now is the time to start!

Four Reasons Why You’re Not Shooting Bucks on Your Food Plots – OutdoorHub: Some timely advice about why you might not have had success hunting your food plots in the past.’s new Kinetic Energy and Momentum Calculator Unveiled – A neat new tool from Realtree which will help you calculate kinetic energy and momentum for your bowhunting set-up.

The Wilderness Act turns 50 today – High Country News: Not directly related to deer hunting, but many of us hunters also love the wilderness, and with the Wilderness Act turning 50 years old this week, it’s not a bad idea to learn a bit more about our our wilderness preservation system got it’s start and where things are headed.

Cut It Out! … With a Really Sharp Knife – Another great article from Aaron Farley at in which he details some important tips and advice for choosing and packing the right knife for any hunting situation.