By Mark Kenyon

The past 8 days hunting elk in the backcountry of Idaho have been some of the most intense, challenging and exciting of my hunting career. And as many of you know from our Facebook page, I ended up killing my first elk. I’ll be sharing much more on this hunt and the lessons learned on the blog and The Wired To Hunt Podcast soon, but now it’s time to turn our attention back to whitetails. My deer season opens in just over one week, and I know many of you are already hunting or will be soon. That said, as we do every Friday, we’ve compiled some of the best whitetail articles and blog posts from across the web.

Enjoy, get hunting and stay wired to hunt!

Whitetail Deer: The Fall Food Source Shift is On – Big Buck Zone: Craig Dougherty updates us on the shift whitetails are making that we hunters need to adjust to soon

Deer Stand Rotation Strategies – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Some solid tips from Jeff Sturgis regarding the importance of hunting different stands

Approach and Exit of the Stand Are More Critical Than The Stand Itself – Winchester World of Whitetail: The Whitetail Properties team shares their thoughts on exit/entry strategies for stand sites

SINO: The Latest, Gravest Threat to American Sportsmen – The Conservationist: The latest disappointing example of our legislators dropping the ball when it comes to important conservation/hunting/fishing issues

Scouting Whitetail Through The Season – 365 Whitetail: Some great advice regarding scouting during the season from my friend Randy Hynes

10 Opening Day Mistakes To Avoid – Don’t make these goofs on opening day or during your first few hunts!

Do Horizontal Rubs Work? – North American Whitetail: An interesting video showcasing the unique tactic that Ted Miller of White Knuckle Productions uses to create horizontal rubbing posts