By Mark Kenyon

2014 has been a year of unprecedented outcry and concern about the whitetail deer in North America. Shrinking habitat, waning access to hunting land, outbreaks of disease, harsh winters and drought, questionable state wildlife management regulations and quickly dropping whitetail populations have deer hunters on edge like never before.

In response to this widespread concern, the first ever National Whitetail Summit was hosted this spring, and several months later the National Deer Alliance was launched to serve as a unifying voice of the modern deer hunter and to act as a conservation and advocacy organization that would work on behalf of deer and deer hunters across the country. On top of this though the outdoor media has doubled down on coverage of the “whitetail crisis” as well, and the most recent example of this is the “Whitetail State of the Union“.

The “State of the Union” was produced by the media arm of Whitetail Properties and is being aired on Sportsman Channel (Part 1 was aired on Sep 23, part 2 on Sep 30). If you have the Sportsman Channel on your cable package, I’d definitely recommend checking this out. But if you’re cheap like me and don’t have it, you’re still in luck.

Whitetail Properties now has 55 unedited video interviews available online which were, in part, used in the Whitetail State of the Union Part 1. These interviews touch on topics such as the current state of deer populations, predator problems, and diseases such as EHD and CWD. Experts featured include Bill Winke, Kip Adams, Dr. Grant Woods, Dan Perez, Brian Murphy, James Kroll, Karl Miller, Rich Baugh, Jeff Propst, Gordon Whittington, Will Primos, Gabe Adair and Pat Hogan.

Needless to say, these interviews are absolutely packed with interesting insight and offer a fascinating look into the current state of whitetail affairs from some of the greatest minds in the whitetail world. If you have the time, I’d highly recommend checking out the link below where all the videos are available to watch.

Behind The Scenes Interviews from the Whitetail State Of The Union Part 1