By Mark Kenyon

I’ve long contended that there are a lot of great bows on the market today, and it’s really hard to go wrong with any of the top brands. What it comes down to, in my opinion, is finding the right fit and feel for you individually and then finding a brand that you can identify with. Fit and feel were never an issue with me for Bear, as the first bow of theirs I shot was a lights out tack driver. What evolved over time though was my affection for the actual brand. The longer I shot my Bear, the more fascinated I became with the history of the company and its founder Fred Bear. It’s this history and connection with the past that draws me back to my Bear every season and which excites me still today.

As I mentioned in my review last year of the Bear Motive 7, “here I sit, decades later, and the impact that Fred Bear has had on me, my fellow hunters and the bowhunting industry as a whole, is still felt daily.

It’s in our ideas of fair chase, it’s in our passion for stick and string, it’s in the materials and methods used to hunt, it’s in our values, and it’s in our culture. While Bear Archery has, of course, changed in many ways since the days of Fred Bear, it seems his legacy still guides much of what the company stands for today. And that’s a powerful thing. His legacy is something that seems forever bound to this bow that I shoot, and I can’t help but feel the “spirit of the woods” and a connection back to Fred Bear, to the history of bowhunting, and even to my grandpa when this bow is in my hand.”

For these reasons I’m a proud shooter of Bear Archery products and a confident advocate for the new products they’re bringing to market. With that said, today Bear announced their new 2015 bows and they look absolutely deadly. If you’re looking for a new rig, I think these will definitely be worth taking for a spin. Check out the press release, specs and video below for more details. Visit for more.

Arena30and34 FB POST

(Evansville, IN) September 25th, 2014- Bear Archery enters the market place this year with the all new Arena bow line, the third addition to their hugely popular speed bows powered by their Synchronized Hybrid Cam System. These two new flagship models give the bowhunter more versatility than they have seen before from Bear, while maximizing on the balance between speed and forgiveness. This year’s bow called the Arena is available in 30” and 34” axle to axle lengths, while both occupy that sweet spot with a brace height 6.5” that balances out the need for speed and the need for forgiveness. Bear’s big message with this bow is one that bowhunters need to find out for themselves. These bow models just need to be shot and tested and the results will speak for themselves. Bear invites bowhunters to put their equipment to the test, go to the closest dealer and see if their current bow stacks up against the all-new Arena.

Both are stacked full of technologies thus enforcing Bear’s commitment to innovation, design and smart engineering that gives benefit to both the bow and the shooter. The Arena’s come with a newly designed H15 Hybrid Cams that are smooth all the way through the draw cycle; easy to let-down if need be and comes with optional cable stops or even more rock solid limb stops.

Technology advancements that are expected on the Bear’s best are all in on the new Arenas, like the Bear Hinge Guard that greatly reduces lateral torque on the riser and limbs wringing out every last bit of accuracy. With options being a common theme on the new Arena, they come with Bear’s removable rubber grip. The Arena’s dead silent and shock free shooting is compliments of the Bi-Dimensionally adjustable string suppressors. Bear’s Contraband HP strings and cables come from the finest materials and manufactured through a propriety process known only to a few.

No other bow feels, functions or finishes like a Bear. Nothing fulfills bowhunters highest expectations in quite the same way, and that’s a satisfaction you’ll only discover by shooting one of our latest offerings. Just one arrow and you’ll know.