Today on The Wired To Hunt Podcast Dan and I are going to be discussing our final preparations for the 2014 season and our plans for our opening weekend hunts. The season is finally here, so get ready, get pumped and enjoy!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The horror story of my wisdom teeth removal this week!

– Recaps of Dan’s Nebraska mule deer hunt and my successful Idaho elk hunt!

– An overview of my opening weekend plans for Ohio

– What factors are important when choosing an early season stand site

– How Dan uses trail cameras to determine his early season hunting strategy

– Tips for early season calling

– Why I don’t hunt October mornings

– The importance of early season cold fronts

– Opinions on how aggressive you should or shouldn’t be when setting up in the early season

– My strategy for hunting the first week in Michigan

– The importance of patience and proper timing when planning your hunts and when to hunt certain sets

– And much, much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– As mentioned, we’re running a contest this week to help get the word out about the Podcast leading into the hunting season. To be entered to win a Wired To Hunt hat, a Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer and a 3-pack of Carbon Express lighted nocks do the following: Write a short bit (few sentences is fine) about The Wired To Hunt Podcast on your Facebook page or on a message board or forum and include a link to the podcast. Then take a screenshot of that post and email that to me at I’ll then choose a winner at random next week!

– I wrote more about early season calling on Wired To Hunt, here’s a link to that blog – 3 Season Saving Reminders About Early Season Calling

– I also wrote about the importance of early season cold fronts for Outdoor Life this week – 7 Rules for Hunting Cold Fronts

– For more early season hunting advice, check out our podcast with Terry Drury in which we discussed his favorite early season deer hunting strategies

– To hear more about Dan’s hunt and to see photos of his newest hit-list bucks, visit

– If you haven’t yet, head to our podcast page to listen to our other episodes

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