By Mark Kenyon

The season is upon us! Last weekend I chased whitetails in Ohio and now this week it’s been Michigan. Let me tell you, it feels good to be back in a treestand. Things are getting even more exciting this weekend too, as a big cold front is pushing through, dropping temperatures from the 70’s into the 40’s! Needless to say, I’m hoping for some exciting hunts tonight and tomorrow. Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates from the field!

That said, to help you grind through the rest of this final work day of the week, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best whitetail blog posts and content from across the web this week. Get to reading, enjoy, and have a great weekend of hunting! Good luck!

4 Ways To Avoid An Opening Weekend Flop – Outdoor Life: My latest article for Outdoor Life outlines four mistakes you really don’t want to make this weekend!

How to Tell Good Acorns—And Pick The Right Tree To Hunt Near – Whitetail 365: Some smart tips on how to tell what oak trees to focus your hunting efforts on.

Big Deer’s 2014 Moon/Rut Hunting Guide – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Some interesting insight from Mike Hanback and the Drury’s on predictions for this year’s rut. Speaking of rut predictions, make sure to check out our 2014 rut predictions/theories article. It’s a must read!

Whitetail State Of The Union Part 2 – The Whitetail State of the Union TV program on Sportsman Channel brought a number of whitetail experts together to discuss the future of deer hunting, here are a number of great unedited interview videos with guests discussing topics such as hunter recruitment, hunter access, quality deer management, and much more.

Iowa Youth Hunter Bags Triple Drop-Tine Nontypical – Here’s your buck porn for the day. Triple drop-tine! Yea, try focusing at work now.

Scent Control for Deer Perspective – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Some insight into Jeff Sturgis’ scent control regimen and other top priorities when hunting big mature bucks.

Wind – Both Friend and Foe When Hunting Deer – Winchester World of Whitetail: The low down on how wind needs to play into your hunting strategy.

Seven Tips for Traveling with Meat – The Wild Chef: Great tips for getting wild game meat back home from a hunting trip.

Luck vs. Skill – The Nine Finger Chronicles: My co-host on The Wired To Hunt Podcast, Dan Johnson, laments luck and/or the lack of it while hunting.

5 Mistakes You Make Every Time You Go Hunting – Don’t make these mistakes!