By Mark Kenyon

Last year I launched my first digital product on Wired To Hunt, an eBook, called the Rules of the Rut. It was an exciting first opportunity to provide a more permanent piece of content that you all in the Wired To Hunt Nation could digest and utilize during your upcoming hunting seasons, and coming off of that book launch we got tons of great feedback. Over the following months I came to realize that the Rules of the Rut eBook was definitely something our readers had enjoyed, but there was still something missing. You wanted more. And so more and better is what I’ve decided to deliver.

I’m very, very excited today to announce the release of the Rules of the Rut 2.0. Now, truly, what I believe is the most comprehensive resource ever published on hunting the rut.

We all dream of the rut year round and when it finally arrives, we need to make the most of it. That’s why I created Rules of the Rut 2.0.

Now, different than last year, the Rules of the Rut 2.0 isn’t just an eBook. It’s a complete package.

Included in the Rules of the Rut 2.0 complete package are five items:

The original Rules of the Rut 1.0 eBook featuring 19 chapters full of advanced rut hunting tactics featuring contributors such as Chris Eberhart, Dan Infalt, Jeff Sturgis and many more.

The brand new Rules of the Rut 2.0 eBook featuring 20 chapters packed with advice and tips for hunting the rut from contributors such as Scott Bestul, Bernie Barringer, Don Higgins and many more.

– And 3 downloadable podcasts, featuring nearly three hours of interviews with some of the top whitetail experts in the country, as we discuss everything you need to know to have the best whitetail rut of your life. Guests on the podcasts include Steve Bartylla, Dan Infalt, Scott Bestul, Chris Eberhart, Don Higgins, Craig Dougherty, Dan Johnson, Bernie Barringer, Jim Brauker, Matt Ross and more! (Click here for a sample of these interviews)

I am beyond excited for you all to download and enjoy the Rules of the Rut 2.0. I really, honestly believe we’ve finally put together the kind of product that you deserve – one that will truly change how you hunt.

For more information or to purchase the Rules of the Rut 2.0 package click the link or image below


Rules of the Rut 2.0