Today on the show Dan and I are diving into the topic of weather and how it influences whitetail behavior and hunting. We discuss rain, cold fronts, wind, snow and much more, as well as recapping our opening week hunts. It’s a timely and important discussion, so settle in and enjoy!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The full scoop on how the opening week hunts went for Dan and I across Ohio, Iowa and Michigan.

– Updates on current conditions and whitetail behavior that we’re seeing in the woods.

– Thoughts on the difficult reality of missed opportunities and lost deer

– My rant on online comments and attacks

– Some thoughts on why I and maybe you may not have big bucks on trail camera right now

– Our perspectives on how cold fronts influence deer behavior and how that should factor into your hunting strategy

– Thoughts on how precipitation impacts deer movement, and advice for hunting in the rain

– A few quick tips about barometric pressure and how it will influence deer activity

– A quick tangent on moon phases and rising/setting times

– Insight into the impact of wind on deer hunting

– How snow influences deer behavior and how you should key in on it during late season deer hunting

– And much, much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– As mentioned at the end of the podcast, I’d highly recommend you check out our Rules of the Rut 2.0 eBooks and podcasts.

– If you’d like to hear more about Dan’s opening weekend hunts check out his blog post on The Nine Finger Chronicles

– On the topic of hunting during the rain, I’ve written several blog posts on this that go into quite a bit of detail – check out Should You Bowhunt In The Rain? and Hunting Big Bucks In The Rain

– As mentioned in the podcast Terry Drury dove into detail on pressure systems and the moon and how it all impacts deer movement, so to hear that check out Episode 21 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast

– Speaking of the Drury’s, we’ve also posted several times about Mark Drury’s thoughts on how weather systems influence deer movement and how you should adjust your hunting strategy, I’d highly recommend checking these out –> Mark Drury On Timing Weather Fronts and When To Hunt Them, and Mark Drury on Weather Changes to Watch Out For and How To Adjust Accordingly

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