By Mark Kenyon

It’s really bittersweet today releasing our first video for the 2014 season. Typically, this first episode gets released earlier in the year, but due to other conflicts it got pushed back. Now, with the theme of “Hope”, this episode seems a little late to the game, given everything that’s happened with my hunt for Jawbreaker over the past few days.

None-the-less, for all those interested in following along with my hunts, and those of six of my good friends, the videos begin today. Different than past years, in addition to our main long-form episodes, we’re also going to be producing a number of “Shorts”, which will be 2-4 minute long video updates multiple times a week, on how our hunts are going, conditions we’re seeing, and much more. Look for “The Shorts” to begin soon.

That all said, I hope you enjoy Episode #1 of our 2014 season. “Hope”.