Today we’ve got a W2H reader success story from Scott Clarke of Ontario, Canada. Enjoy Scott’s story, and please join me in congratulating him on a great buck! – MK

By Scott Clarke

Being a complete whitetail nut my deer season starts well before the actual season. Fortunately for me, my wife and I had a new addition last December, a baby boy born December 24 2013. That being said, I knew my upcoming deer season may be limited  (somthings are just more  important).

I still got my mineral stations and cameras running all spring  and summer and I had many nice looking bucks showing up regularly on my mineral sites as their antlers developed.  Fast forward to deer season I had a nice eight point moving in daylight fairly consistently on a bean field. After checking the wind, I knew I could hunt the bean field that Saturday night (hoping the  beans weren’t  harvested).

Nothing beats climbing into your stand for the first sit of the year. So after pouring out a bag of Rack Stacker Fixation, I climbed into my stand.  After about an hour of just enjoying the evening I hear leaves rustling from behind me. I look to my right and see a couple of does and fawns.  After watching them for a few minutes a big doe walks directly down wind of me as a fawn enjoys the  bait I had poured out. Fortunately for me she didn’t snort or blow and decides to head west of me into the beans. The other does and fawns bound off as well.  Then a button buck pops up to my right with another doe. Again they  just mill around enjoying the farmer’s beans.

Another hour goes by and I hear the sound of a large animal walking through  the beans. I go to my binos and see a big bodied deer walking directly in front of me at 100 yards. It’s not even 6:00 PM and the deer I was after has shown up. I go to my pack and discover I forgot my grunt tube. Well after watching this buck for a few minutes,  I hear the sound  of a deer behind me. I look to my left and a young six point is standing  10 feet from me staring at the bigger eight point across the field. The six makes his way again out in front of me and proceeds to enjoy the fixation bait, but ever mindful of the other buck.  I then watch the eight point start rubbing a tree, shaking it back and forth. The six started to slowly walk towards eight. I’m watching this and to my surprise the eight starts to walk towards the six, and me. I’m now thinking, I might actually get a shot!

I pull my range  finder and start counting down. 90, 85, 76, 65, 60. At 60 yards this buck stands broadside fighting with the smaller buck. I decide this is my chance. I adjust my React One sight to the 60 yard mark. I range one more time and then draw my Obsession Evolution.  I touch off my release and watch my arrow sail towards the buck and then drop just below him. The small six jumps back and runs closer to me and the eight just looks around wondering  what that was. I then couldn’t  believe my eyes, the eight was walking  closer  to me. I nock another arrow  and watch  this buck again turn broad side to me and walk towards the smaller six point. I range him again and again and again to confirm the yardage at 52 yards. I draw back again as the  buck stopped and is staring  down the six. I touch my release, just  then the eight starts to walk again. Thump, that horrible hollow sound of my arrow hitting back.

The buck took off but only ran about 40 yards and then stopped and hunched up.  Now its only 6:00 pm and I’ve been hunting for about two hours and I’ve already shot a buck. I sit in my stand watching the buck I had shot, praying  for him to tip over as the small six is still hanging around.  Well after about 35 minutes the six point must see movement and runs towards the big eight and past him.  The eight doesn’t even try to run, so I know he’s hurt bad but I still don’t see any blood. I was going to try and shoot him again from my stand but a branch was blocking my shot, so I tried to sneak down the ladder.  Well as I’m half way down I hear crash crash crash and see the buck going through the beans and into the woods.

Well I climb down and slowly walk out to retrieve my missed arrow and quickly search for blood from the second arrow. I don’t see any so I pack up and head for home. It’s now 7:30 PM and I’m heading for home knowing its going to be a long night.

After putting my son to sleep and talking with my wife it’s apparent I have to go back tonight to find this deer. Family commitments (Thanksgiving)  prevented me from waiting until the next day. So at 11:00 pm (5 hours later) I head back into the woods with two good friends,  Phil Silcox and Rob Burns.  After about 30 min of looking for blood in frost covered soy beans I made my way to the woods edge. At that point Rob suggested that maybe we weren’t going to find this deer but I wasn’t giving up and bingo, blood. We then tracked drop by drop to a creek (deep and fast enough to be a river) and realized my buck crossed it.  We all get soaked but crossed it and got back on the blood. We went another 50 yards and there he is bedded on the creek bed.  Another arrow and it was all over. Although not my biggest deer to date it was quite the adventure tracking him and getting him out. Although I had misjudged him as a 4 year old (huge body but 3 at best) I still couldn’t  be happier.

– Scott Clarke, Dorchester, Ontario Canada