By Mark Kenyon

If you’ve got an extra  20 minutes today, you’ve got to give the just publicly released film “Game of Inches” a watch. Originally shown across the country on The Hunting Film Tour, “Game of Inches” is a really beautifully produced and thoughtful short film showcasing two whitetail hunters and their parallel but unique hunting seasons. Awesome film, and well worth your time. If you need to scratch that whitetail itch as you’re counting down the days to the rut, this is a great way to do it! Below is the film summary and video player …

“Millions of people take to the woods in pursuit of whitetails each year in North America, but what is it that they are truly hunting for?

In this film, we’ll join a trophy hunting bowhunter, Dustin Lutt from Nebraska, and Aaron Hitchins, a traditional party-hunting rifleman from Ontario in their first deer season spent in Kansas, the nation’s whitetail capital. With polar opposite perspectives on the sport, how will a season in the heartland affect their views on this Game of Inches?

An official selection of the Hunting Film Tour, this film is about more than bowhunting, more than deer. It is about creating an understanding between all of the parties who share our love for the hunt, and reminding them that regardless the specifics of their pursuit of choice, to evaluate what it is we are truly hunting for.”

GAME OF INCHES from Rockhouse Motion on Vimeo.