By Mark Kenyon

Today’s reader success story comes from a guy that more than most, really deserved to  have some success. That guy is the newest member of the crew filming for Wired To Hunt, my pal, Andy Bradley.

Before we get to the success Andy had, I want to mention why I’m especially happy for him. Just over a week ago, after getting a shot at a buck in Southern Ohio on Wednesday evening, I called up Andy who was still at home in Michigan. After explaining the shot I’d made, and the fact I was backing out til the next morning, Andy immediately said that he wanted to come help. Just an hour or two later Andy was on the road, driving nearly five hours through the night to be there to help me track my buck the next morning. And on top of all that, just over a month ago Andy was also with me in the mountains of Idaho helping me pack a bull elk back out to the vehicle for 12 straight hours.


Needless to say, Andy has been a huge help to me lately, and I couldn’t be more happy that karma paid him back in full with a great hunt this past weekend.

That said, on Sunday night, October 19th, Andy was set up looking over a tight timbered ridge that connected some thick brush up in the hills to a large swamp system down in the bottom. Interestingly, he was nearly within sight of the land-owners home. Somewhere around 6:00 PM a big bodied buck emerged from below and began heading towards the swamp off to his right. Moments later he put a great shot on the deer, who then ran a couple hundred yards off towards that swamp.

After catching a whiff of stink on the arrow, Andy decided to back out and wait til morning. So the next day Andy, our friend Dustin, and I headed in to start tracking. Maybe an hour later, we found his beautiful 8 pointer. He ended up scoring right around 135″. An absolute stud for Michigan!



Look for this hunt on the Wired To Hunt 2014 web video series soon!