By Mark Kenyon

This week I wrote up a short blog post for Outdoor Life, detailing three tips for dealing with a lost deer. After my experience last week with Jawbreaker, I’ve been working through this process myself and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

We cover this same topic in more detail on this week’s episode of The Wired To Hunt Podcast, but if you don’t have time to listen to all of that right now, this quick blog post might be worth a read.

I hope you don’t ever have to deal with this kind of circumstance, but for most hunters, it will eventually happen. When it does, remember these words from Ralph Waldo Emerson … “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” 

You can check out the Outdoor Life blog post at the link below:

3 Tips For Dealing With A Lost Deer – Outdoor Life