By Mark Kenyon

It’s been a hell of a couple weeks since our last Friday Morning Mashup. As most of you know, I hit the biggest buck of my life last week, but was not able to recover him. That said, I’m now working on getting back out there and moving on. Luckily this time of year there’s plenty of whitetail action to take a guy’s mind off of past debacles. The rut is right around the corner, and I’m pretty excited. I hope that you’ve had a great season so far, but remember, the best is still ahead!

That said, today we’ve compiled a great set of whitetail blog posts from across the web. Enjoy and good luck hunting!

Dialing in on Bucks is Requiring Some Extra Effort – Rut Reporters: An update from Scott Bestul on rutting activity across the country and a few ideas on how to get it done here in this last days of October

Pre-rut Tactics, Two Prime Time Plans – Field & Stream: Some great pre-rut tips from experts like Adam Hays and Bill Pyles

Rubs vs Scrapes – Antler Geeks: Insight into the worth of hunting over buck sign and tips for using rubs and scrapes to put together a solid hunting plan

Mock Scrape Mastery – Winchester World of Whitetails: Advice on utilizing mock scrapes from Field & Stream’s Scott Bestul

How Weather Conditions Affect the Whitetail Rut – Petersen’s Hunting: A great article dissecting how weather impacts the whitetail rut

Track a Buck Like a Pro – Outdoorhub: An interesting infographic detailing tips for tracking deer and using tracks as helpful data

190″ Monster Kansas Typical – Here’s your big buck porn for the day

Whitetail Movement and Barometric Pressure – 365 Whitetail: Great insight from Randy Hynes on how barometric pressure impacts deer movement

7 Overlooked Pre-rut Hot Spots – More pre-rut hunting advice from Josh Honeycutt

When Should I Use Calling Techniques For Bucks? – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares some helpful tips on when to use calls

No Link Between Moon Phase and Rut Peak – Great information on the lack of a link between moon phase and the timing of the rut