By Mark Kenyon

It’s just about here. The rut.

For me, this time of time year signifies the beginning of an absolute grind. Starting tomorrow, I’m planning on hunting every day until at least November 18. Most of those days will be spent entirely in the tree, daylight to dark, putting in as much time as possible to capitalize on this incredible time of year. With this kind of epic hunt-athon on the horizon, I’m buzzing internally with a mixture of uncontrollable excitement and a touch of shaky nerves. The next three weeks will make or break my season. That said, I know that many of you too will be embarking on rut hunting vacations soon too, where you’ll be putting in a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to fill that tag.

With that being the case, we’re going to be doing everything we can here at Wired To Hunt to help you have the best whitetail rut of your life. Over the next three weeks or so, look for a lot of new articles, videos and podcasts detailing tips, tricks and tactics for hunting the rut. Today, we’re going to start by sharing a few helpful resources we’ve put together that ought to help you get the rut rolling on the right foot. Good luck over the next couple weeks, hunt hard, and stay wired to hunt!

5 Recommended Rut Hunting Resources

Rules of the Rut 2.0: First and foremost, the Rules of the Rut 2.0 is the newest product we’ve put together to be the ultimate resource on all things related to the rut. Included in this package are two eBooks and three podcasts featuring nearly three hours of interviews with some of the top whitetail experts in the country. Contributors include some of the top deer minds around, including Don Higgins, Scott Bestul, Craig Dougherty, Steve Bartylla, Dan Infalt and many more. This really is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive resource out there for hunting the rut. I’d highly recommend you check it out.

2015 Rut Timing Predictions and Theories: Earlier this year we put together a pretty thorough look at the various predictions and theories on the timing of the rut. Check those out at this link, as you definitely want to time your rut hunting vacation properly.

The Mental Challenge of Hunting the Rut: For those of us that hunt for extended amounts of time and for long hours during the rut, it can become a serious challenge mentally. It’s a topic that many magazines and books don’t cover, but something that I think many of us can relate to and must prepare for. Definitely give this one a read before starting that rut marathon!

3 Ways To Keep From Chewing Your Fingers Off Waiting For The Rut: In these final days before the rut madness really gets kicked off, many of us are just itching to get going. Here are three tasks you should focus on now while waiting for the real deal to get kicked off.

Rut Reporters – Field & Stream: This is a resource put together by our friends at Field & Stream, in which various updates are aggregated from across the country on the progress of the rut and observed activity from whitetails. It’s a great way to stay up to date on how things are progressing in your neck of the woods. If you’re not sure on when you want to dive in to your best rut spots, the information provided here might help you make that decision.