Today’s W2H reader success story comes from my friend Brandon Doering. Brandon for a few years contributed to Wired To Hunt’s videos, but now has moved to Virginia and new adventures. That said, we’re all thrilled to see that Brandon has had some big buck success on his new turf. Please join me in congratulating Brandon on this great Virginia buck! – MK

By Brandon Doering

Well where do I start! Being a bowhunter is something I don’t take lightly. Since I could legally hunt with a bow, it has consumed me! A lot of you can relate to what I’m talking about. Long nights of tossing and turning dreaming of that one opportunity at a giant whitetail! We prep, hang stands, build food plots, hang trail cameras, put in mineral licks, all of this to pursue a dream! It’s taken 17 years for me to finally seal the deal on a “Dream”. Sure I’ve had heartaches, bad shots, and misses on big bucks but I’ve learned something from every one of those circumstances.

Fast Forward to Oct 20, I recently took a job with G5/Prime and won’t have any time to hunt once I’m in the road. So I took advantage of this week and hunted hard. I hadn’t seen a lick of fur in three days, and in an instant that changed.

I sat in my stand for three hours that day, not seeing anything but squirrels, and believe me they were getting tempting! I was set up on a oak ridge on my brother-in-law and sister’s place, acorns were dropping, but no deer were moving yet. That is until right before dusk, I heard that familiar sound of feet in the leaves. My heart skipped, I turned and looked as a hog of a doe came down the ridge straight downwind. Oh boy, thank God for Ozonics! It has saved me more than once. I came to full draw and was about to let it fly when I heard the grunts. I immediately looked to my right to see if it was one of the spikes or fork horns we had on camera. Sweet Heaven! I couldn’t believe what I saw coming through the thick saplings on the ridge.

All I saw were wide and long G2’s. I knew it was a shooter! He came right to the doe, again straight down wind at fourteen yards. I settled in and focused hard, released and then watched as that blue light zipped right into the boiler room! He ran straight into the thick stuff toward the house. I thought maybe I heard him go down, but wasn’t sure cause the crickets were so loud! I immediately started shaking and then started calling everyone. I waited 30 minutes before going to look at my arrow.

Soon I found good blood, I was relieved but I still wanted to wait and not chance it, so I took the long way out and waited an hour before going back out. I started to follow a gushing trail, and twenty yards into it I scanned my light and I saw a body 20 yds away!

as he lay

I couldn’t see his rack yet, but when I did I just dropped to my knees in awe and thanking God for what I was looking at! I just sat there taking it all in for about 25 minutes before I even lifted his head or touched his rack. As a bowhunter or any hunter, there is a respect and admiration that we have for these amazing animals and I took my time just admiring the beast as he lay there five yards from me. When I finally put my hands on him I lifted his head and I thought wow, I just shot a stud!


Twelve points,  a perfect shot, a clean kill! A lot of years, a lot of work, and a lot of passing of small bucks for this one moment that I will remember forever. I haven’t scored the buck yet other than measuring his spread which was right at 20″.  I am truly blessed at this opportunity to take a buck like this with a bow! I do want to thank my sister and brother in law for letting me hunt on their property.

– Brandon Doering