By Mark Kenyon

This year in addition to our usual full webisodes for Wired To Hunt, we’re producing a parallel series of videos called “The Shorts”. These videos will be short updates and sneak peaks into our season, covering various story-lines between our larger episodes. Today, we’re sharing our first of these short videos.

That said, here is our first episode of The Shorts, in which I’m sharing the first sneak peak of footage from my hunt for the giant Ohio buck I call “Jawbreaker”. As many of you have seen via the blog and podcast, this hunt has made a huge impact on my hunting season to date, and I’m sure it will continue to stay with me over the rest of the year. That said, check out this quick preview, and then tune in a few weeks from now for the full two year story of this buck and the heartbreaking conclusion to my hunt for Jawbreaker.


If you haven’t heard our podcast episode discussing this story, be sure to check that out as well.