By Mark Kenyon

I don’t know about you, but when the rut hits, I hit the road.  Whether it be driving back and forth from home to a nearby hunting spot or traveling to other states in search of big bucks, I spend a lot of time in the truck this time of year. That said, an important factor to maintaining my sanity during the rut on these long drives is a good set of tunes to listen to.

Interestingly, it seems I’m not the only one who’s interested in good music for the hunting season, as I’ve received numerous emails and messages asking about good hunting tunes and even requesting insight into a certain playlist for the rut that I’ve mentioned in the past …. my “Rut & Rave” playlist.

That said, we’re going to take a break from hardcore deer hunting advice and have a little fun. Today I’m sharing my recommended rut hunting soundtrack, packed with hunting themed songs and then also my “Rut & Rave 2014” playlist, which is comprised of my current favorite EDM tracks, which are perfect for waking up your tired butt in the morning when driving to your property at 3:30 AM. Enjoy and jam on!

(Also – if you have any additional suggestions for either list, please let us know in the comments!)

My Recommend Rut Hunting Soundtrack

You can get my track by track thoughts on each of these songs and links to listen to each on the original post that I detail these songs – The Ultimate Hunting Soundtrack. But for now, here’s a quick listing of my favorite hunting themed tunes that I will be rocking out to in my truck over the next three weeks.

1. Fred Bear – Ted Nugent

2. Da Turdy Point Buck – Bananas At Large

3. Buck Fever – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson

4. Backwoods Boy – Josh Turner

5. Second Week of Deer Camp – Da Yoopers

6. Openin’ Day – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson

7. Guns – Justin Moore

8. Drinkin Beer and Wastin Bullets – Luke Bryan

9. My Baby Looks Good In Camouflage – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson

10 Da Turdy Point Buck II – Bananas At Large

11. Granddaddy’s Gun – Aaron Lewis

12. Sunrize Narrated – Ted Nugent

Rut & Rave 2014

I know most of you probably aren’t big EDM fans (don’t judge me lol), but for the five of you out there like me, here’s my “Rut & Rave” playlist packed with my favorite electronic/dance songs that help get me awake and pumped before heading out on morning hunts!

1. Electric Pow Wow Drum – A Tribe Called Red

2. Blue Sky Action – Above & Beyond, Alex Vargas

3. You & Me – Bassnectar

4. So Good To Me – Chris Malinchak

5. Kanye – Chainsmokers

6. I Can’t Stop Drinking About You – Bebe Rexha

7. Anchor – Tritonal

8. Heroes – Alesso

9. If I Fall – Cole Plante

10. Surrender – Cash Cash

11. Keep Moving – Sultan, Ned Shepard

12. Summer of Love – Kyler England, Myon, Shane 54

13. Satellite – Tritonal