Today’s W2H reader success story comes from Bryan Peterson who killed his first buck since joining the Marine’s three years ago, and on top of that, it was all on film. Big congrats for a great deer and a well deserved one as well! – MK

By Bryan Peterson

Patrick and I got to our spot at around 5 A.M., we got dressed, sprayed down and slipped into our set well before day light. Getting all settled in, safety harnesses hooked up, Ozonics units cranking and camera equipment all set. We sat in the dark for about an hour and as day break came through I could see some deer off in the distance feed along the ridgeline eating acorns. Around 6:30 just as we began to get good camera light I noticed a fox was on the hunt and Pat was quick to get the camera on him as the fox did his thing. We were watching the fox eating a squirrel he had just caught for breakfast and I had turned around just to scan our surroundings and I caught some movement. It was one of the bucks we were trying to harvest! I quickly tapped Pat’s legs and told him “shooter”! Patrick began rolling as he came up the hill to the ridge line just as we anticipated. The buck wasn’t alone having three smaller bucks following him heading right to the base of our tree. I then realized their was a 5th deer coming up the hill, it was the other shooter buck we had been scouting all summer, he was the deer I wanted to harvest! These bucks worked their way right underneath us smelling the tree steps, detecting nothing the bucks began to feed along in front of us eating acorns which were dropping like rain.

The first shooter, a four year old eight, was 15 yards in front of me broadside, I decided I was gonna hold out for the other buck still working his way up the hill. Finally after what had seemed like forever he made his way up the ridge feeding along with the rest of the other bucks. They started working their way past us heading toward their bed. The buck was at 17 yards broadside, I double checked Pat was on him, drew my bow and executed the shot! With the buck down within 40 yards it finally dawned on me that all this hard work finally payed off! This buck was the first buck I was able to harvest since joining the Marine Corps three years ago.

Bryan Buck Hand

Trail cameras, a heavy white oak acorn crop along with the coolest temps since last spring all played a factor in this hunt. And to top it off Pat, the camera man, was able to harvest the other four year old eight ten days later with Bryan behind the camera!

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