Today our W2H reader success story comes from down in Louisiana, as Jon Anderson shares the story of his opening day gun season buck. Congrats Jon on a great deer! – MK

By Jon Anderson

October 25 was opening day for gun season in Louisiana, Area 2. Hunting in Farmerville, I was sitting on the stand at 6:00 AM. By 7:00 I saw six doe feeding. My partner shot a doe about 10 minutes later on his lane. The sun was finally out good, warming up the cool air.

I looked down to get my rangefinder out of my backpack, thinking about ranging a few things on my lane for distance markers. When I looked back on the lane there he was, not even 30 yards from the stand. I didn’t count points, but could see he was a nice buck. I eased my .308 rifle out the window and put the crosshairs on him, only to discover I was on too high a power. After making two turns on the scope I had him in my sights and pulled the trigger. He hunched a bit and ran 25 yards before falling.


I honestly don’t know what the key to my success was. Probably just pure luck, being in the right place at the right time, and maybe just the good Lord blessing me with an awesome opening day morning. Either way I had an awesome first day! Although I had heard reports of pre rut happening, this guy showed no signs of swollen neck or dark tarsal glands. He just took a stroll on the wrong lane that morning.