By Mark Kenyon

I missed getting the usual Friday Morning Mashup last week, as I was headed down to Indiana to kick off my rut vacation, but I still wanted to get you your weekly links to the best recent whitetail articles from across the web. With that being the case, I figured we’d go with a Monday Morning Mashup this week! It does have a certain ring to it. Read on, enjoy and then get in the woods!

How to Pattern Bucks During the Rut – Outdoor Life: My latest for Outdoor Life shares some insights gained from a recent study that shows that bucks do follow somewhat consistent patterns during the rut.

Personality Plus – Winchester World of Whitetail: Scott Bestul shares his thoughts on what you can learn about a buck’s unique personality and mood.

Rut Temp Rising, But Still Not Prime – Rut Reporters: An update on the progress of the rut and activity seen across the Midwest.

Pre-rut Scrapes and Daylight Bucks – 365 Whitetail: Some really interesting insight from Randy Hynes on daylight use of scrapes.

10 Common Deer Hunting Mistakes You Should Fix – Field & Stream: Make sure you’re not guilty of these 10 mistakes!

Rut tactic – Best Buck Sign – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Mike Hanback shares his thoughts on what sign indicates the presence of a big buck.

Hunt Now: Big Bucks Are Up and About – Outdoor Life: Craig Dougherty’s update on current activity in the woods and why you need to be out there!