By Mark Kenyon

If any of you are like me, and have been hunting almost non-stop the past two weeks, you’re likely feeling pretty well exhausted at this point. I’m beat, but what a ride it has been. The rut has been cranking across most of the country, but there’s still plenty more action to come. The back half of November isn’t quite as hyped, but a rutting buck can certainly be had. That said, if you’re still trying to fill that tag, don’t give up yet. Keep at it and check out the great blog posts and articles below for some rut hunting tips that might just help you seal the deal.

Good luck, hunt hard and stay wired to hunt!

Hunting the Rut, 4 Killer Tactics – Field & Stream: Some quick and solid tips that should get you in the game during the rut

Secrets of the Rut – Outdoor Life: A really interesting piece from Charles Alsheimer, as he follows a mature buck during a single day of the rut

The Bulletproof Rut Set-up – Big Buck Zone: My latest piece for Outdoor Life in which I detail the set-up from where I killed my Ohio buck and outline why I believe it’s a perfect example of the ideal rut hunting stand

Houdini Bucks – Winchester World of Whitetails: Bucks often up and vanish, Scott Bestul explains why

3 Deadly Public Land Rut Stands – Three great public land options for the rut

How To Avoid Rut Panic – Big Buck Zone: If you’re still struggling to fill your tag in November, don’t panic!

QDMA’s Guide To The Rut – Here’s a great resource from the Quality Deer Management, where they’ve compiled all of their top resources related to the rut

The Results of a Stay Out Strategy – 365 Whitetail: Keeping pressure low on your hunting property is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances for success, and Randy Hynes proves it in this article

Whitetail Cold Front Hunting Strategies – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Lots of big cold fronts on the way, make sure you’re hunting!

It Pays to Fine-Tune Your Rut Tactics, Though Sometimes You Might Just Get Lucky – Rut Reporters: An overview of rutting activity from across the country.