Today on The Wired To Hunt Podcast Dan and I are recapping the final hunts of our rut vacations and then discussing our lessons learned over the course of the 2014 rut. Enjoy!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– All the details on how Dan and Ryan’s two week Iowa adventure ended up, a story filled with more big bucks than you can count on both hands!

– A recap on the end of my rut hunts in Michigan and the story of my best day of rut activity yet this year

– Insight into our plans for the remainder of the hunting season

– What we believe we learned about deer behavior during this past rut

– A few opinions on how deer use the wind while moving

– What we’ve learned about the importance of timing when using calls during the rut

– Observations on overall rutting activity seen this season

– Our call for you to share your rut observations in the comments section of this post!

– Our thoughts on what strategies or tactics we’ll be implementing differently in the future based on our experiences this rut

–  What our biggest mistakes were over the past few weeks

– My thoughts on being too conservative with stand locations and the importance of being mobile

– Dan’s thoughts on observation stands

– A reminder of the fact that bowhunting for big whitetails is a game of inches

– The importance of sticking to cover during the rut

– Thoughts on timing and means for accessing your stands

– And much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– As mentioned in the show – please post your rut activity observations in the comments section of this post!

– There’s still rutting action to be had, so if you’d like more great rut hunting advice and insight, check out the Rules of the Rut 2.0. Included in this package are two information packed eBooks and a 3-part podcast series with nearly three hours of expert interviews. The contributors to these books and podcasts are some of the most accomplished whitetail hunters in the country and you’ll likely recognize their names from Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, North American Whitetail, Deer & Deer Hunting and a number of acclaimed books.

– To follow along with how Dan and Ryan’s hunts went down in Iowa, visit The Nine Finger Chronicles

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