By Mark Kenyon

It seems that winter has officially arrived for much of the country and with it comes a change in my way of life too. The all day sits in the fall woods are now gone, soon to be replaced by frigid, snowy evening sits on food sources, with hopes of a late season buck. As we transition into the late season though, it’s important to not give up on the season. So many people put all their chips in during the rut, and then give up before they ever give December a chance. Don’t be that guy or girl. There’s plenty of hunting yet to come.

That said, check out the great blogs and articles compiled below from across the web, and then get ready for more hunting. There’s plenty of time left to fill that tag, so let’s get after it. Good luck and stay wired to hunt!

Welcome To Deer Camp – Field & Stream: A really great piece from Rick Bass in which he yarns about the old days at Deer Camp and why still today it’s such a special place.

How To Tell If The Rut Is Over – Big Buck Zone: There’s still rutting action to come, but time is waning. Here are some signs to look for that will point to the rut wrapping up.

Sight In For The Cold – Whitetail 365: An important reminder about the importance of rechecking how you shoot in the winter with your full cold gear on.

Neck Meat – Often Overlooked But Tasty – Winchester World of Whitetails: Some great advice about fully utilizing neck meat on your next deer.

Where Are Bucks Hiding? New Study Reveals Insights into Buck Behavior – OutdoorHub: Some interesting research reveals some new clues as to where those big bucks are hiding.

Ranking the Mature Buck Potential for Hunting Land – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares some great criteria to look for when judging the potential of a new property.

Houdini Bucks II – Winchester World of Whitetails: Scott Bestul continues his discussion on buck that just disappear, and explores where you might be able to look for them and how.