By Mark Kenyon

Family. Turkey. Football. Deer hunting. For many of us across America, these four things define Thanksgiving weekend. Now I’m no expert on the first three, but I can certainly speak to deer hunting, and I know at least one thing about deer hunting during Thanksgiving weekend – it can be a lot of fun.

That said, today I wanted to share three different ideas for pulling off a successful big buck hunt over the holiday weekend. Here are three thanksgiving weekend whitetail ambush ideas that might just fill your deer tag to go along with that belly full of turkey.

1. The Push: I’m not much for deer drives myself, but they are extremely popular across most of the country. If it’s gun season in your state and you’ve got family in for the holidays, this could be a great way to put a deer or two on the ground while involving the whole crew. For more advice on pulling off a successful deer drive, check out these articles from Outdoor life (Deer-Drive Strategies) and Field & Stream (10 Tips For Late-Season Deer Drives).

2. Bump & Dump: The rut is winding down, but big bucks are still more vulnerable than at almost any other time of year, especially when heading back to bed. If you’re looking for a high risk, high reward hunt, push into a known buck bedding area and see if you spot a bumped buck leaving his bed. Identify that location and then move right in and set a stand. There’s a decent chance you might be able to catch him sneaking back in to check his bed that afternoon or the next morning. For a comprehensive look at the “Bump & Dump” strategy, check out our article “How To Pull Off The Bump & Dump for Monster Bucks”

3. The Final Rut: As we’ve discussed before, there is still rutting action going on during these final days of November. If the hunting pressure hasn’t been too insane in and around your hunting property, there’s a good chance at catching a buck still cruising for those final does. That said, set-up close to doe bedding areas, in thick cover, and hunt hard for as many hours as you can. For more advice, check out this article – “4 Tips for Late Rut Success

Also be sure to check out Don Higgins’ great article “Thanksgiving Bucks”, which details his successes during the Thanksgiving timeframe and how you too can tag a holiday buck.