By Mark Kenyon

Welcome to December! We’re moving into a new phase of the hunting season and hopefully you’re still excited about that. The late season can be great, so I hope you’re all still hard after it. If not, I’d encourage you to read another post from this week –> Is it Time To Throw in the Towel for 2014?

If you’re still not motivated to brave the icy cold and chase those bucks, maybe the articles below will help. We’ve compiled some of the best deer & hunting related blog posts from across the web for your enjoyment. So enjoy these reads, have a great weekend and stay wired to hunt!

An Admirable Identity: Helping the Hunters’ Legacy Resonate in an Era of Change – Backcountry Hunters & Anglers: The main message of this article is an incredibly important one for all hunters to be reminded of. How we present represent ourselves, as hunters, will determine the future of hunting in America. And truth be told, many of us aren’t carrying that flag too well … “Imagine for a moment that you knew nothing more about hunters and hunting than what you are exposed to through the popular media and casual observation. What conclusions would you draw from the magazine racks, the bumper stickers, the T-shirts or the TV shows? Would it have much to do with our legacy as conservationists? Is it an image of respect and reverence for the wildlife we pursue or the land we all claim to cherish? Does it adequately reflect your attitudes about this activity?”

Rut Winds Down, But Best Hunting is Still Ahead – Big Buck Zone: There’s still some great hunting to be had and Craig Dougherty explains why

Tools for Home Butchering – Hunter Angler Gardner Cook: If you’re planning on filling the freezer with a few does in the next few weeks, you might want a few new home butchering tools to help speed up the process. Hank Shaw shares his favorite items in this post.

Transitioning Into The Late Season – Big Buck Zone: As we transition into late season, hunting tactics need to change. Here are a few brief ways my strategies change as move into this new part of the year.

Current Rut Action Is Some of the Best of the Season – Rut Reporters: Deer activity and even rutting behavior is still being seen across the country, here’s the latest report from the Rut Reporters.

In Search of Wild Things: Why Hunting Is More than a Kill – The View From Three Feet: My friend Eric Conn wrote up a really nice piece discussing a recent elk trip and the intangible rewards that we take away from experiences such as this, regardless of a kill.

Sol Lunar Tables: The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth – The Sportsman’s Life: Bill Heavey, the hilarious back page columnist for Field & Stream, discusses his take on Solunar tables. I think we can all relate.

Bucks On The Churn – Winchester World of Whitetails: Some great tips for hunting bucks that are hard to pattern.