By Mark Kenyon

I get the questions all the time. “Do you have any advice for getting into the hunting industry?” … “Can I be on your “Pro-Staff”?” … “How do you get sponsors?” … “How’d you get started in the outdoor industry?”

There is obviously a huge demand out there for advice regarding careers in the outdoor world, and that makes sense, as a job in the outdoor/hunting industry is a pretty neat thing to have. That being said, there’s never been much of a resource for people looking for this kind of thing, other than reaching out to people who already had jobs in this world. That is, until now.

Enter the “Bowhunting Freedom Podcast“. This new podcast, created by Philip Havens, is focused on sharing the stories of folks in the bowhunting industry, how they got into those careers and what they’ve learned from these experiences. I’ve gotten to listen to a few of these podcasts and I can already tell that a lot of people are going to find “Bowhunting Freedom” to be a tremendous resource. If you’ve ever wanted to get into the hunting industry, I’d say you now have a great place to start that journey.

And if that’s you, you might also be particularly interested in the latest podcast to come from “Bowhunting Freedom”, which features yours truly. At the link below is the podcast episode in which Phil interviewed me about how I got started with Wired To Hunt, what my career path looked like leading up to now and some of the greatest challenges along the way. I hope that my story might be able to inspire and inform others out there exploring a similar path.


Bowhunting Freedom Podcast 017: Mark Kenyon – Podcaster and Blogger at – Outdoor Writer