By Mark Kenyon

My late season hunts have been rough so far. A few hunts in Michigan with nothing but does, and three days in Indiana without a single deer seen at all! None-the-less, I know I’ve just got to keep at it. We’re running out of season, and I aim to take advantage of as much of that time as possible.

Hopefully you’re still spending some quality time in the woods too. But if you’re stuck inside, we’ve got some great whitetail reading for you today in the blog posts linked below. Check these out, have a great weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

Early Deer-Kill Reports Are Down in Major Whitetail States – Big Buck Zone: Preliminary harvest results are coming in from many major whitetail states and the numbers aren’t looking good. The decline seems to be continuing.

How Average Hunters Can Fix A Deer Decline – Whitetail Properties: The folks at Whitetail Properties offer some insight into how fast a local deer population can decline, and how the average hunter can take action on their home turf to turn that around.

Study: Deer React More to Firearms Season Than Archery Season – Outdoor Hub: A recent study at Penn State University sheds more light on how deer react to hunting pressure.

Late Season Requires “Persistence Hunting” – 365 Whitetail: Some important advice from Randy Hynes for late season success.

4-Step Deer Butchering: The Path to Amazing Venison – A solid resource for anyone looking to butcher their own deer.

Public Land Issues Lumped in With Department of Defense Bill? – Open Country: New public lands legislation is being lumped into a defense bill. Tony Hansen explores what that means and whether or not it’s a good thing for conservation.

Ohio Deer Hunter Might Have the Coolest Spouse Ever – Deer & Deer Hunting: This is just plain funny. I certainly can’t imagine my wife letting me take photos with my big buck in the living room!

Lions of Winter – Field & Stream: Not related to deer, but this is just an incredibly well told story about an elk hunt turned mountain lion encounter, written by the very talented Rick Bass.