By Mark Kenyon

I’m guilty of being sucked into the rabbit hole of Facebook far too often, getting further and further distracted until I finally look at a clock, realize an hour has passed, and then can’t remember what I was trying to do in the first place. Facebook is the place that productivity goes to die, but every once in awhile, my Facebook journeys pay off. A perfect example of this was yesterday, when I ran across a shared YouTube video showcasing how Bear Archery makes their compound bows.

I took a look, and I’m not even a mechanical interested kind of guy, but this was simply fascinating. The two-part series walks you through the entire process of the bow making, starting with machining the aluminum risers, to forming the fiberglass limbs, to painting, constructing and everything in between. The detailed look at all the different machines and processes really gave me a whole new appreciation for these incredible mechanisms that compound bows are.

Regardless of what your preference in bow brands is, if you shoot a compound bow, I think you’ll be fascinated by these behind the scenes videos. Take a look below.

Speaking of Bear bows – I am personally pretty partial to these rigs, as I’ve been shooting them the last four years. If you’re interested, my reviews of the Bear Anarchy and Bear Motive 7 are linked below.

Bear Archery Motive 7 Bow

Bear Archery Anarchy Bow

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