By Mark Kenyon

We’re moving into the final days of the 2014 whitetail season and it’s a strange feeling. There’s such a build up through the year and then the season arrives and then passes in a seeming flash. And here we are, on the back side, with 2015 staring us straight in the face. Crazy.

I hope you’ll still get a few chances to hunt in these final days of the season, and to make sure you’re well armed, we’ve compiled our weekly list of great whitetail related blog posts from across the web. Give these a read, enjoy your weekend, and good luck hunting!

Late Season Tactics: Hunt the Lunchtime Buck – Whitetail 365: Some interesting tips from the guys at Field & Stream for catching a late season buck during the midday hours.

How to Bowhunt Last Minute Bucks – OutdoorHub: Solid advice from our friend Bernie Barringer on hunting late season deer.

Cooking Tips for Tenderizing Your Venison Cuts – Some great tips for getting the most tender venison possible!

Late Season Whitetail Weather Patterns – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares his thoughts on the impact of weather patterns on late season deer hunting.

15-Year-Old Illinois Hunter Tags County Record, 200-Class Buck – Big Buck Zone: A great big buck story!

Success! It Doesn’t Come Easy – A Sportsman’s Life: Bill Heavey, equally hilarious and insightful, shares his story of a recent hunt for a doe and the challenges inherent.

How Fast Can a Stand “Recover” From Hunting Pressure? – New research shows how deer react to hunting pressure and how long it takes for them to return to normal behavior. Fascinating.

From Buttons to Booner – Have you ever heard the old line that you should shoot spikes because they have poor genetics and will hurt the rest of your herd? That’s a big fat myth. Charles Alsheimer uses a decade of photos of one deer to turn this age-old belief on it’s head. Awesome stuff.

Jealousy Reigns – Antler Geeks: Tony Hansen explores the sad but true fact that jealously and negativity is running rampant in the hunting community, especially online.