Today we’ve got a short reader success story from Tim Greiner, as he describes his public land adventure for an Ohio buck. Please join me in congratulating Tim on this great deer! – MK

By Tim Greiner

I set up on a creek crossing between two bedding areas around noon on October 29th, 2014. I was hunting public land. Around 5:00 pm I had a doe run by me and proceeded to shoot under her at 30 yards. Admittedly, I’ve never practiced shooting with a sandwich hanging out of my mouth!

Around 6:30 PM I looked down a trail and noticed a nice buck feeding towards me on the same path the doe had taken. He walked through at 19 yards and gave me a broadside shot. A double lung later and he piled up about 70 yards from the stand. He was my biggest buck to date and I was beyond thrilled to have shot him.

photo (1)

I believe the key to my success on this hunt was getting between two bedding areas to try and catch a buck scent checking for a hot doe. I had placed some estrous urine on a scent wick and as soon as he smelled it he turned on a dime and walked straight in front of me whereas my other shot opportunity would have been 40+ yards with fading light.

– Tim Greiner