By Mark Kenyon

Interested in the latest and greatest gear for 2015? The new bows? The treestands? The grunt tubes, trail cameras, exploding arrows, and everything else in between? Well, we’ve got you covered over the next few days, as we’re heading to the 2015 ATA show – the largest archery and bowhunting convention in the US of A!

Thursday through Saturday we’ll be posting live updates from the show floor (and who knows where else) through the Wired To Hunt social media channels, and in the days following we’ll be recapping some of our favorite events, announcements and products. In short, everything you could possibly want to know about what’s new in the world of bowhunting and beyond.

If you’d like to follow our live updates, photos and news from the show follow Wired To Hunt on the following social media platforms:

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And if you have questions about the new gear, requests for us to check out certain companies, or anything else – let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for ya!