By Mark Kenyon

If you somehow missed all the buzz across the web over the past few days, the 2015 Archery Trade Association show took place last week – and as always, there were hundreds of interesting new products unveiled for the media and retailers to ogle over. Although there were more new pieces of gear than I could ever see (and even free haircuts!), of the items I did get to take a look at, a few stood out from the rest.

Below are nine of the most interesting new pieces of gear I saw at the 2015 ATA show and a little about each.


Pizza Cutter Broadhead: Officially known as the “Nuri” broadhead from Rexpid, this broadhead design immediately brings to mind a pizza cutter. The pizza cutters are called “rotary wing blades” and supposedly they are designed to help push the head over ribs and other bones, resulting in a deeper wound. Very interesting concept. No word on how good they handle Dominos though.

FullSizeRender (1)

Game Vector: The Game Vector game recovery system is a pretty interesting concept, whether or not it works, is ethical, or effects arrow flight – I can’t say. But regardless, it’s definitely interesting. The Game Vector works via an attachment that is mounted to your arrow, that then lodges in a deer upon impact. You can then use a radio receiver to track the signal to your downed deer. Supposedly the responder will stay active for 48-72 hours and has a range of up to two miles.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.38.51 AM

Lone Wolf Climbing Stick Quiver: If you’re a mobile hunter who uses a portable stand and sticks, you know the challenge of quietly and quickly packing in your gear. The new “climbing stick quiver” from Lone Wolf looks to be taking a stab at improving this process. Rather than needing to carefully lock your sticks together and then strap them to themselves and then to a stand, you can now simply click your individual sticks into their quiver. Simple and quiet. If you’re a Lone Wolf user, this seems like a great solution. Only wish this was available with some kind of universal fitting for other sticks too.


Sitka Launchpad: I love this. It’s a bow case, hunting clothing carrier, and changing station for outside your vehicle. Your clothes go into the mesh compartments, which form a padding around the outer walls of the case. Your bow then fits inside that. And when you get out of your vehicle to get changed into your hunting gear, the launch pad has a pull out foot mat for you to stand on while changing into your gear and hunting boots.

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Wicked Tree Gear Ultra Light: I’ve been a big fan of Wicked Tree Gear hand and pole saws, and now it seems you can get the best of both worlds in one package now. The new Ultra Light is a lighter 10 or 14 foot version of the Wicked Pole Saw, that includes a unique feature that allows you to detach the the saw blade and handle to use as a hand saw. This will definitely be my new saw of choice in the future.

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Chicken Wing: Being a long time Tru-Fire user, this release caught my eye with it’s interchangeable two-finger trigger. The two-finger version is supposed to help users reduce the tendency of punching the trigger by putting the trigger farther back on your fingers.


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.09.56 PM

Sitka Shacket/Hoody: Of everything I saw at the ATA show, I think I was the most excited for the new items from Sitka for whitetail hunters. There’s too much to mention here, but they’ve redone their entire whitetail line, updated their camo, and came out with some really innovative new pieces. Two of those new items are the “Shacket” and the Fanatic Hoody, and worn together they form a really neat layering system for the active whitetail hunter. The Shacket is essentially an insulated T-Shirt designed jacket, featuring the kangaroo pocket originated in the Fanatic series. This item keeps your core and upper arm warm, without binding at your elbows like a jacket. The Fanatic hoody then adds a tight hoody, a built-in facemask, and attached hand mitts that will keep your hands warm while gripping a bow, without the sticky grip material that will cause torque. Lots more on these and other items soon.


Stalking Shield: Yes, this is a cool idea and I believe it might have been out last year. But mostly I had to share this because the picture above just makes me crack up. I’d say Larry Weishuhn pulls off a great “Wilson” from Home Improvement impression!