By Mark Kenyon

If you’re like me, surfing the web all day on hunting related sites, you’re most likely familiar with the video “Who We Are”. But if you’re not, I figured we needed to change that today.

“Who We Are” is a short film produced by Donnie Vincent and his team at Sicmanta that has caused quite a stir, luckily, in a positive way. It’s been highlighted as one of Vimeo’s top videos and has been featured in a number of large media outlets un-related to hunting. In short, it’s gotten the idea of hunting in front of a lot of non-hunters.

Donnie’s first major film “The River’s Divide” was one of the best whitetail related films I’ve ever seen, and now in “Who We Are” he’s taken that style perfected in his first two major films and applied it to an important message. And that is the discussion of who we are as hunters and why we do it. And it’s for this reason that it’s been so important. It tells a story that needs to be heard by those that don’t hunt, and it’s told in such a way that those people can hopefully begin to understand what we do. So with that said, if you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to check out “Who We Are” and then share it with others. Enjoy.

Who We Are from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

And if you want to learn more about Donnie, check out our interview with him on The Wired To Hunt Podcast!