Our latest reader success story comes from Nick Toth who pushed through a tough Michigan bow season to still ultimately find success. Please join me in congratulating Nick on a great Michigan buck. – MK

By Nick Toth

I was able take this buck on 11-17-2014. After having dozens of pictures of this bruiser all summer and early Fall I never once saw him in person during bow season.


The key to this hunt was perseverance, which was difficult after never seeing him in bow season, but continuing to get night time photos. I knew the rut would be when my chance would come. The beginning of November came and passed and he never showed, so at this point I figured my next best chance to get a crack at him would be opening day of gun season. Opening day was here and I passed a number or other bucks including other young eight points waiting for him to show himself. But he never did.

image002 (1)

Getting discouraged and now wondering if he was even alive I continued to be patient and finally, on the third day of gun season, he followed two does down into my cattail marsh and offered me a 30 yard shot! I dropped him right there with my Thompson Center Encore.

– Nick Toth